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We use readily available weather data in a variety of different projects, for example, we have used wind speed, gust and direction to produce models of wave exposure in Strangford Lough. We sometimes find it a little boring to always use someone else's data, especially when you can collect your own!


[edit] How to do it?

We had a Raspberry Pi board, just lying around unused and I thought I would put it to good use. Couple that with a heavily discounted Maplin weather station, a couple of online tutorials and a bit of time and we produced our own weather station logging to the internet. Right now, it is in Andy's back garden, mounted on a pole next to his garage, but soon we have plans to put one on the roof of our laboratory in Menai Bridge.

[edit] Current conditions

The current conditions are uploaded to Weather Underground and the Met Office WOW site. You can see the data below:

Met Office WOW

[edit] Last 6 hours

[edit] Last 24 hours

[edit] Last 7 days

[edit] Last full month

The minimum and maximum air temperatures for the last month.

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