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The idea behind the Technical Team is to bring together like-minded people to work collaboratively on a project over the academic year. There's no academic credit and we work on our project during evenings and weekends over term-time. Our focus is on developing technical skill, especially in design, construction and operation of new technology. Each year we will attempt a new Grand Challenge or completely revamp old ones. Each challenge is designed to push you to your limits, but most importantly, we aim to have fun, collaborate, innovate and develop new skills.

Email Andy Davies at Bangor for more information


[edit] Why join?

What we want is to build a community that brings together like-minded people at University. Couple this with fabrication facilities and an experienced mentor and you're ready to delve into a world of technology that you might not have experienced before, even if you have, this is an opportunity to try something that you have not done before and to pass your knowledge to others. Throughout our challenge, you will be exposed to science, maths and engineering principles that underpin the project. You will also learn aspects of design and engineering as well as interpersonal skills such as organisation, time-management and team work.

[edit] How does it work?

The 2013 Team will be the first that we have organised, so there are aspects that need some level of flexibility. Essentially, we have a challenge, and we aim to complete the challenge over the course of the academic year. We will meet once every two weeks for a workshop, it might be based in the actual workshop on the lathe or milling machine, or be a lab-based session to build smaller components and learning to solder. The team will have a maximum of 10 people, because that is the upper limit of what we feel we can support on the project. To develop the challenge there will be a small membership fee to cover some costs of materials and consumables. The exact fee will depend on the nature of the challenge, so see the current challenge details below to find out.

So what next? Sign up here for more information [Sign up form]

[edit] Meet the mentor

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Your mentor is the leader of the Marine Ecology and Technology Group, Dr Andrew Davies a passionate and enthusiastic scientist and educator. By training, and his day job, Andy is an ecologist who studies marine ecosystems at the renowned School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University. By night, Andy is a bodger, a DIY enthusiast, a geek or a maker who wants to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology. For most of his life, Andy has been designing, developing and utilising technology, since his early days of playing with push-fit electronic kits through to designing custom subsea technology. Andy started his research group at Bangor University in 2009 and is committed to education, scientific progress and the open source movement.

[edit] Technical Team Challenge 2015

This year our challenge is to construct a Remotely Operated Vehicle. We will use the design from the OpenROV project to construct our very own ROV that we will test in the Menai Straits. See the dedicated challenge page for further information: Technical_Team_2013.

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