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Littered around the shorelines of the UK are reefs created by worms, mussels, cold-water corals and oysters. They create a complex habitat that is important for biodiversity, but they also protect the seabed from erosion and in costal areas from flooding.

Andrew Davies' research group, based at the renowned School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University, aims to answer important questions about species that form reefs in temperate areas. We use an array of approaches that merge biology, ecology and physics with technology. Understanding these organisms better is essential if we want to protect our natural history for future generations in an era of human driven change.

We are committed to open source and complete transparency in our research, hence the wiki. Any questions get in touch!

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We are lucky enough to work in an exceptionally exciting area of research, every day is different, and we have a lot of fun. Check out some of our must read articles on the site, these are especially valid if you're a new student or interested in joining the Technical Team.

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