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Part of our core interest is understanding how organisms fit into their natural environment. This fits with niche modelling and manipulative experimentation as it allows us to test the output of models and test hypotheses that arise from observations. The majority of our work has focussed on physical processes in the deep sea, but we are increasing our scope to also investigate shallow water areas that contain biogenic reefs. We are blessed with numerous sites to work on around North Wales, including salt marshes, mussel beds and Sabellaria reef.

[edit] What are we doing?

We mostly observe physical patterns that occur in the field, specifically attempting to elucidate niches and determine the role that reef organisms have in altering their local environment. Particularly we have researched Sabellaria reef, and also Lophelia pertusa reefs. At Bangor we have access to a range of different facilities, including the ship RV Madog, subsea monitoring equipment such as ADCP’s, current meters and in situ particle monitors. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the School’s purpose developed Hydrolab that contains a variety of flumes, including our own.

[edit] Key references from our lab

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